What does “Thank You” by Peter Makena have to do with “working out”?

Peter Makena playing guitar in the country

January 17, 2024


I want to dedicate this post to my compassionate Yoga teacher Nayano who allowed me share my pain and struggles at a period of time when I was caring for my old mother during two years of lockdowns. I experienced the loss of both my step father, who was in a wheel chair for twenty years, and my father, who I hadn’t seen much during the lockdowns. Nayano and the online Yoga community supported me throughout that time where I first heard this very moving song. You might want to get a box of tissues in case it evokes similar feelings in you. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings below. A person who can access their feelings and SPIRIT through music will be able to mourn, heal and finally celebrate their transformation through a process known in Yoga as “Witnessing” done during meditation.

When they sometimes play “Thank You” right after we conclude our meditation at the end of Yoga class, it always gets me. The lyrics and singing style evoke the image of a man at the end of his life looking back at all that he has to express gratitude for. For many of us, that might bring up memories of a loved one with whom we have some unfinished business—yes, we are full of gratitude, but there are things left unsaid. Not to worry. Rest assured that love was always the underlying basis of your relationship and if life got in the way, your loved one would want you to, not forget them, but drop any negativity between the two of you, and to live your best life right now. We actually do special chord-cutting “exercises” in such cases.

In some cases it many require shadow work, therapy, or belonging to a spiritual community but if you speak lovingly to your inner child then you will be in your power as the adult that will give your inner child all the love it could hope for and to also find love in your life in abundance as well. I would love to share an exercise I have learned that allows us to connect with our soul and even receive guidance that way. 


Whether you are the average person or Bruce Lee, negative mental habits and emotions like anger, guilt, and shame will take a serious tole on one’s health and the ability to stay and be fit and well in the full, holistic definition of what fitness or wellness means. I found a great slogan in a book that quoted a passage from the bible which mentions “Total Victory”. Kind of idealistic sounding, but taken with a grain of salt, humorous and a bit promising sounding right? It also means we leave no one behind. Be inspired and motivated; clear away anything that stands in the way of your fulfillment as a soul on your heroic journey through the one life we are gifted to have, the one life we alone can care for and nurture better than anyone else.

Well, even though I’m not a therapist, I know plenty of guys who worked out a lot but died young. They either got into drugs or lead unhappy lives and that kind of life is not Total Victory is it? I’ll tell you my own story in future blogs but I’ve done the gruelling inner work, shed loads of tears and finally found the way to bliss. It’s an ongoing practice but once you taste the inner bliss, then it grows and grows and if you do the work you will not only work out your physical body but become the person you would like to meet and travel with in this world. I know that under the mental noise, you are already enlightened and now I want you to know it too and then you will workout to affirm life and maximize the fun you can enjoy in the bodies that we co-create the world with. THAT is a dream and goal worth working for, and having a big dream like enlightenment will motivate you to workout and much more. Enjoy the song directly below.


Tommy Ray


© Peter Makena

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