Holistic Personal Functional Training

What does Functional Holistic Personal Training Mean?

Functional Fitness Training is the type of training meant for regular people and sports enthusiasts. I can refer you to bodybuilding coaches if you wish, but body building is not done primarily for mobility & health and can be detrimental if you don’t do functional training first.

By “Holistic” I mean addressing all aspects of health before embarking on training.

I would be glad to explain this to you on the phone or on a Zoom call, but after having you do a questionnaire I’ll know where we need to begin in order to bring about homestasis in your system before adding the stress and cortisol of working out to the mix.

Also, in many cases I deliberately regress trainees, even experienced ones, to make sure they have enough energy, mobility, stability and a strong enough core to safely begin. No crazy, trendy but dangerous HIIT group classes here. The hospitals are already full. This is preventative medicine. I am the guy you see so you never have to go to the doctor or dentist for anything but a general checkup, if possible.

Email me for your free 20-30 min. discover call.

Once I know you’re serious about training properly, have shared your dream with me and understand the steps involved to reach your goal, it’s my job to not let anything prevent your from Total Victory in training, as I like to put it—Total Victory for you, and that is very different for everyone. This will carry over into the rest of your life as well.  


If you are in pain there will be no gain

Work smarter
not harder.

Contemplating Change?

It is a lot easier on a virtual call to explain why everyone who can afford a coach should have one but basically, there’s no other way to stay young and vibrant and if you know a better way, please train me! lol. 

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