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Want to know if we are a good fit?



Before the consultation, we’ll schedule a discovery call which can last between 15-30 minutes. This is important because it gives us a chance to determine whether we are a good fit to work together, and allows us to learn enough about you in order to provide with the best possible service and outcomes from your training. Book Your Discovery Call Now!


  • Email me now so that we can pick a time for our meeting.
  • You and I will meet on a virtual or telephone call and take a few minutes to say hello and introduce ourselves.
  • We will ask you a few questions to get a sense of where you are at and what your needs are.
  • We will walk you through the different types of programming we offer with various price ranges to assess what is best for you at this time.
  • If we are a good fit for one another, a consultation will be booked during the discovery call or we may refer you to someone else.


How long is the discovery call?
15-30 minutes.
What should I bring?
For a virtual consult, a laptop or iPad/Notepad is best, but you can use your phone too, but bring a paper and pen in case you want to record something. Pick a quiet room with no distractions.
How much does a discovery call cost?
100% complementary with no obligations.




What is the best way for me to contact you?
• Simply use the Contact form and I will email you back asap to set up a time for a Discovery Call, but please check your spam folder and if you haven’t heard back from me in a day or so then please join my Facebook Page and message me there.


How do I register for online sessions?
• Everyone is required to have a discovery call and consultation first before registering for sessions. Once we determine what type of services you want to start with during the consultation, we will work through your payment and paperwork while in the consultation appointment (whether that is online or in-person.) We will then add you to our google calendar.


Once you have registered and received your google calendar Zoom link, be sure to add it into your calendar so you get reminders for when class starts.

Use the zoom link included to enter the classroom at the scheduled class time.
For group classes, once you are in you will hear a voice say, “this video is being recorded”. To gain the best experience it is recommended you keep your video on. Sometimes there are circumstances which are different and if you need to have your camera off that is ok.

All classes are recorded so students have access to practice with it after. In the beginning you can unmute yourself for quick chatting before class time (if you arrive early.) Throughout class, keep yourself on mute unless you have a question. For best view, please pin the instructor
Sometimes the instructor will spotlight themselves if they want to make sure everyone sees something up close in detail.

After class you will receive an email through the original class booking with a link to the recording on a private Youtube page. Class recordings are kept hidden and are only available to students that pay for class. If you miss a class you still have access to recordings

Sometimes pictures and video are taken during classes for promotional purposes. We always ask for consent and if anyone doesn’t want to be in the picture, we either cover your face on social media or you can choose to turn your camera off during that time

Email me for your free 15-20 min. discover call.

Once you are serious about training properly, have shared your dream with me and understand the steps required to reach your goal, it’s my job to not let anything prevent your from achieving your training goals. Though somewhat challenging, this commitment will carry over into the rest of your life as well.  


If you are in pain there will be no gain

Work smarter
not harder.


Even though I always did martial arts, outdoor sports, Yoga, endurance training and followed nutrition principles daily, I did not understand the importance of strength training until I trained with a personal trainer for a few years. I am overjoyed that I finally came to understand that personal training is an important avenue to health and disease prevention. As a personal trainer, I help people by stimulating their innate, natural movement patters which improve their health issues in a motivating and positive atmosphere. It is motivating to know that I have helped someone learn how they can keep themselves healthy and strong both physically and mentally for as long as possible.

In my early fourties it didn’t matter how much running or calisthenics I did, I always had a “beer belly” even though I wasn’t a beer drinker!  Luckily I realized that the bloating was because I wasn’t building muscle and dealing with other holistic health issues like digestion. I also learned how to correct posture, correct muscle imbalances, and scientifically assess and create better movement, mobility and flexibility for clients. 


• Better weight management

• Alleviate and control health conditions or diseases

• Improves mood

• Boosts energy and promotes better sleep habits

• Definitely boosts testosterone and makes men and women young again.

• It’s fun, fascinating and social!


“Working in” is a concept developed by Paul Chek, our mentor and internationally-renowned expert in the fields of high-performance exercise kinesiology and holistic practices. The idea behind working in, in contrast to working out, is that energy is being returned to the body instead of being expended. When many people begin an exercise program, they are already operating from a place of energy deficit. This means that people are already tired or not appropriately nourished and so a program that is only focused on working out will drain the body of its energy, causing burnout and unnecessary pain.


Group classes are a compromise in quality, results and safety. 1-on-1 training is vital, if one can afford it, because your trainer can give you undivided attention. When your trainer can focus on you, you get the best results. As well, we do not use a “cookie cutter approach” to your training programs and workouts. Each client’s programme and workouts are specifically designed to suit your body, your fitness level, your needs and goals.

People hire personal trainers for a variety of reasons, including:

• To learn how to work out properly

• To learn how to support their body to be able to dance or move well for as long as possible

• To stay motivated

• To lose weight or gain muscle in the most efficient and effective ways

• If more advanced, to push plateaus that they would not normally be able to reach on their own

• To develop a healthier lifestyle

• To help them set SMART goals

• To decrease the effects of chronic disease on the body


Another option to consider in your fitness journey is attending group fitness classes with a personal trainer. There are some good reasons to consider group training, including:

• To get some of the benefits of personal training at a more reasonable price

• For some, group classes are more motivating than working 1-on-1

• Staying accountable with the support of the instructor and classmates

• It’s a very social and rewarding experience because we also invite members to dance performances and events in High Park and so on. 


There is also the option to customize a program to you personally. This would be specific to your specific development goals and abilities. Please note that this will usually be more expensive due to the added time and energy to create a program that delivers results, but it is the safest way to properly train. Full disclosure, group classes are a somewhat riskier compromise compared to private sessions. 


One of the fundamental concepts that guides me in assisting my clients’ progression in their fitness journey is the idea of helping them develop S.M.A.R.T. goals, which are used to help guide goal setting. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym that stands for:

Specific. A SMART goal should be detailed as specific as possible, without any confusion as to what the goal is. An example of a specific goal would be “Lose five pounds by April 30, 2021” as opposed to “Lose weight by the end of the spring.”.

Measurable. A SMART goal needs to be measurable. It is important to see a change from the previous state before the goal is achieved and after the goal is achieved. ie. a smaller waistline than before or being able to lift a few percent more at each session. (and if you cannot then you need to go back to the previous weight, reps etc.) This requires proper rest and recovery time!

Achievable. A SMART goal should always be something that isn’t impossible to achieve. Improvement from your present state, no matter how slight is ALWAYS achievable and preferable to no improvement or waiting until conditions are perfect, which they may never be.

Realistic. A SMART goal should always be realistic, within reach and relevant to you personally.

Timely. A SMART goal should always have a starting and ending date, to define the period of time allotted to reach a goal. 

Contemplating Change?

It is a lot easier on a virtual call to explain why everyone who can afford a coach should have one but, basically, there is no other way to stay young and vibrant and if you know a better way, then please train me! lol.

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