Holistic Fitness Coach vs Fitness Coach

Sadly, many ill-informed people charge into fitness programs without consulting personal holistic trainers, and are doing more harm than good to themselves and here are some of the reasons why.

It is harmful to start working out hard before you lower your cortisol levels…

…and the thing is that every one of us needs careful ongoing assessments and custom programs. Our questionnaires determine where you need to start. All of us build up far too much cortisol by the end of a long work day and since working out is stressful on the body, working out in that condition is detrimental to the health. That is not to say that some light exercise or walking will be detrimental in most cases, and might be better than nothing but nevertheless,  I’ll say that again; if you value your health and want to remain as injury free as possible, do not listen to any trainers who have not done a thorough evaluation of your diet and lifestyle health factors beforehand! 

So the biggest benefit is avoiding doing harm to yourself and living a far better, longer life, feeling more connected to food and the world, having more to give in your workouts, seeing more results and, in the best case scenario being active right up until your time has come to die without all of the common, completely avoidable ailments that can be prevented,  provided you start while there is still time to change course. 

The trouble is that the body can take a lot of abuse and that isn’t necessarily a good thing, because it will develop dysfunctional compensations, especially if pain is present, which will reprogram your muscular and nerve pathways very rapidly and possibly make it impossible to ever reprogram it to it’s natural state again.

As the first strongman, Eugene Sandow, is reported to have said, you can only be as strong as the state of your organs allow you to be. Training comes to a grinding halt when difficult-to-diagnose mystery gut pains occur, leading to months off work, possible surgery or even death. Wouldn’t you rather do all you can ahead of time so that never happens in the first place? I do. If you do too, we’re a good match, let’s get started. 


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