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Experience the transformational power of holistic personal fitness at Stillwater Holistic Personal Fitness. Follow your bliss and unlock your full potential through our tailored programs designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Kelly and I are here to guide, support, and inspire you every step of the way. Embrace a lifestyle of wellness, balance, and self-discovery. Start your journey today and become the best version of yourself! We find it a lot of fun and hope that you will too.

I am open to coaching and designing programs for experienced exercisers, beginners and those with minimal experience who find the gym environment unappealing; you are open-minded enough to see how body awareness, strength, mobility, flexibility, and postural alignment is invaluable and that the journey can be fun and rewarding.


I spent every summer helping my mother look after our cottaging and camping business and enjoyed being very active in the country and in the suburbs. I took part in boy scouts and canoeing in the deep woods and lakes of Muskoka, after building a cedar-strip canoe, where I now own a cabin between Bracebridge and Huntsville. I got into everything from Yoga, weights, jogging, swimming, nutrition, to serious martial arts, and was taught how to cultivate my inner Chi though breathing and mental focus by my Korean grandmaster, who was Bruce Lee’s action director and a Kung Fu action film star.

I am a certified Canfitpro Personal Fitness Trainer, certified C.H.E.K. Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach and certified Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections Coach. I am currently taking additional PT training through the institute of renowned instructor, Paul Chek, in scientific stretching, core, shoulder, back and in the “Follow Your Dream Line” course. I would be using his questionnaires with you when we get started in order to help you discover your strong and weak areas. I would generally incorporate a lot of stretching, rolling, Swiss ball, and light Zone exercises before programming anyone in anything highly strenuous.

Diet-wise I have thoroughly studied and practiced Nutrition, the “no-diet, diet—Primal Pattern® diet” that I am currently on, Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, Fungal and Parasite resistant diet, and rotational diets. I have been referring and refining my understanding from the main Nutritional Encyclopedias used in the industry for over 40 years and people think I look ten or twenty or more years younger than I am, which is to be expected if you apply what I will teach you along with Yogic breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises. I continue to learn in ongoing Tantra Kriya Yoga classes which I have done almost every day or every other day for over three years along with retreats at my cabin for months at a time sometimes, reading and re-reading the Power of Now and working through my shit 🙂 and I actually think I finally have dealt with most of it and I would love to help you get through yours as well. 

I have done decades of inner work and feel that holistic lifestyle coaching ought to at least touch on witnessing how we feel as we bring up subconscious material while doing holistic training. Without inner progress all external progress will be limited and my level of attainment tells me that happiness is internal not external; but, having said that, I do love eating nutritious juice and meals, being healthy and active, playing music, doing latin dance, comedy, travelling and hope some of that rubs on you. My sister tells me that I have a superpower in making exercise fun! If you love something, it’s fun and contagious; my mission is to get you hooked! lol 

Tommy Ray




• Primal Pattern Eating
• Practical Applications of Breathing, Posture & Movement
• The Healing Herb: A Holistic Guide to Cannabis
• The CHEK Approach to Swiss Ball Conditioning


• Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist w/ Kennedy L.
• Foam Rolling Event w/ pro trainer Kennedy L. Feb 2022 (& weekly rolling classes w/ Pro Trainer Kelly E.)

• Continuing Education Credits: approximately 10
• Martial Arts: three years
• daily Tantra Yoga classes for over two years

Swimming laps up north
Wilderness Hiking
Roller Blading
Nutrition & Yoga (since I was 15!)
Latin Dance
Tantra/Shadow Work
Guitar teaching
Professional Photography

Strength Training

Gradual individualized progressive training. Strength, health, feel younger, look and feel better and be more resistant to injury.


Feel better. Less injury. Makes us fit, stable and flexible. 

Holistic Assessment 

Questionnaires reveal where to begin


The Environment

in the comfort of home

I happily provide in-person, virtual, or a hybrid combination of 1-on-1 assessments and sessions. For in-person I serve the Parkdale, College, Roncessvalles area. 

It starts gradually with a few questionnaires and a consultation. Depending on which areas of your overall health you score the lowest in, we need to establish homeostasis first. We address things like nutrition, sleep, stress, and the digestive system. Working out causes stress and so it is imperative to lower that first or working out is counter-productive. Unless your trainer has a long history in the holistic area, and a certification, their diet and lifestyle tips could actually endanger you. 

That being said, by all means start with walking more, going to sleep on time and drinking plenty of good quality water and organic foods while we get the ball rolling. That will go a long way.

Similarly, the body also needs to be eased into working out on a case by case basis. Everyone is different! Most important are engery-building exercises, then stretching for mobility along with myofascial rolling, restoring the core function in some people or the mulitifidus in those with low-back pain, and then progressing exercises from body-weight programs to using Swiss Ball, Bands, and dumbbells before even worrying about hitting a gym. 

Tommy Ray

Holistic Personal Trainer & Zumba Instructor

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My vision is a world that understands and utilizes all that our contemporary diet and lifestyle and holistic fitness training arts offer humanity, free of misconceptions, and that these benefits possibly even be taught in public school or through government programs. A bit of money put towards proper training could keep most of you out of hospitals and strong forever but, sadly, few gym goers or so-called trainers in most big gyms know how to safely build up the core and progress their clients in functional training. You might even better off coming to me with zero assumptions because then I can download the same knowledge into you without a head cluttered with ideas.

We now have knowledge that our parents did not and disease need not be the norm. I’m almost 60 but am stronger and healthier that most people in their 20s. I want you to get addicted to being well. Try and get your partner involved because it makes it so much fun!!! If you can afford even a bit of training with me; do it! It will literally save you from diseases of all kinds, but we have to admit, people are not always rational or everyone who could, would train properly, so it helps if you first have a compelling reason or dream that drives you forward and deeper into the present as well. Most guys my age are done yet I will continue to enjoy hiking, dancing and a healthy sex life until I die. Do you not want to enjoy an active life with your partner in retirement instead of being in decline and disease? If that your idea of a life worth living then maybe you are not for me, I want you to dream big for yourself, to shoot for the stars and end up somewhere new and exciting.

Alas, too many people are hitting the gym in a way that actually causes harm instead of scientifically and holistically working to further their dream safely and progressively. If we aim for total victory such as a loving world with healthy air and soil for all, for complete inner peace and freedom from disease and for remaining strong and active for our whole lives we will have a high chance of seeing this happen in our own lives. Sadly, not enough people realize that 95% of diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle because that means you can have control of the quality of your life right up until the end if you make holistic training a part of your lifestyle.

My vision is to raise awareness about the kinds of things I’ve learned throughout a lifetime of being a part of this lifestyle and gaining the key certifications from the top functional holistic trainers to ensure that people achieve a lower stress level on the body before adding the stress of exercise to their total load as well as starting with relaxing energy-building exercises, mobility and building stability. You should never workout without having built up a proper base, I don’t care who you are—top athlete, body builder, gym rat, dancer, doctor or martial artist. THIS is what we have to learn! We don’t put people on tread mills to add to their cortisol levels. Have you noticed that you haven’t changed much since doing that or maybe even gotten worse? This is scientific preventive medicine not dysfunctional, unnatural treadmills and linear body building. Instead of “no pain no gain” it ought to be “no brain no gain.” I will never push you to pain. You will know when you’re ready to push yourself to failure on a given set but never to injurious pain levels.

Repeat after me: “I am fully functional, energetic and love all that life has to offer.”


We are in the business of providing people with relief from stress, when training properly, and resiliency to enable them to adapt in their changing, challenging world. At Stillwater Holistic, we change lives through Holistic Lifestyle and Fitness. Through every session our community is healthier, stronger, and happier.


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