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“You can only be as strong as your organs allow you to be” E. Sandow 

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There are many details a client must consider but the most important decision they will make is to decide to get trained properly right from the start, by a holistic personal training coach. How can you train if you are not healthy first? Sadly, far too many people do. You might even succedd in loosing some weight by forging ahead without any heed to your cortisol levels; however, it will be at the cost of hurting your posture, getting sick from too much workout stress, getting injured or ending up with flexiblity and strength imbalances resulting from a haphazard, generic workout “plan” when we all know that no two people are alike! People and businesses do this because they either don’t know any better, or they think they will end up saving time or money. By following a proper, gradual process, we make sure our clients are homeostatically balanced before putting workout stress into their lives. A healthy approach will provide the strong foundation that yields far better results once we get into training. Don’t get me wrong, I would still give you energy-building exercises and light exercises to start with. Working out is actually a stressor that is only beneficial when you have enough health and down time to handle it.

Your training is based on your own goals but the holistic approach offers you the safest way to achieve optimal health and to avoid costly setbacks in life. Optimal health is a gradual, long-term process, despite what the big-box gyms, high-intensity, quick-fix, one-size-fits-all programs want you to believe. Just to offer two, out of countless examples, as to why this is crazy, firstly, by burning fat too quickly you can damage your organs when the toxins that were stored in your fat are released into your body too quickly. Secondly, you can actually also increase the prevalence of parasites in your body by adding to your overall stress levels. These are definitely not marketing points you will see on the big-box gym ads. I would learn the ropes with me and only hit a gym alone when you are ready, which can take many years. Remember that some injuries and illnesses never go away. We want to buy you more time to live your best life, not create more problems.

After a lifetime of health and fitness under my belt, my approach begins with a short holistic questionnaire designed to reveal the main areas in your life that need to be brought into balance. At the same time, I start you off with gentle, energy-building Zone exercise, known as “working in”, which builds internal Chi energy (tissue building as opposed to tearing tissues down while working out.) I assess your posture, we test your flexibility with specific stretches, and only then begin home-based, resistance-training workouts, custom cardio programming and possibly some relaxation exercises derived from Yoga, and other relaxation techniques, if you want to spend more time on that. Stress is the #1 killer and though working out will help, a stress questionairre could point out what things need to be reduced first. I love to help people achieve the results we set out to attain. Each step is progress along your journey.

Each of us only has one precious life and baseline health is essential for all of us, especially if you are inspired to be the best version of yourself. Get ready for profound health,  wellness and fitness benefits.


…then look no further than my certified, veteran “Holistic Health and Performance for Women” top trainer, life partner and partner at Stillwater Holisitic—Kelly Enston, also the owner of KellyKinetix. Kelly also offers life coaching and is a belly and flamenco dance performer and teacher.

Tommy Ray in Canoe with Kelly at my retreat in Muskoka
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